Teaching our children the value of money at early age is very beneficial.
The benefits:

1. Promote values and responsibilities.

2. Job skills

3. Saving for college

4. Avoid bad credit

5.  Avoid credit card debt

6.  How not to waste valuable time and money.

7. Consequences that will affect your life for a long time.

Why…Teaching our children values of money shows them that money don’t grow on trees. Children think all they have to do is ask and it shall be given to them.

We as parents have a responsibility to teach our children about the real world. That they can’t have everything.

Hard work and determination is the key to success. When we teach our children about money they learn valuable life lessons about bank operations.

Take your children on a field trip to visit a bank, experience is the best teacher. Your children would enjoy it and see that learning is fun and necessary. Plus you’re promoting family time.

These techniques are priceless.
1. How to Earn money
2. How to Spend money wisely
3. How to Invest money
4. How to Borrow money
5. How to Pay money back
6. How to Save money

And so much more…

You can also teach and show your children what its like when you get into debt with people, credit cards and not paying your bills.

The bottom line is teach your children how to work, save money, plan and prepare. It’s been great sharing another part of me, with you. Please come again.

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