Red flags Don’ts in a friendship or relationship that should to be addressed. Sometimes it can be a Pink flag. You be the judge.

Are you getting abused mentally, physically, emotionally, or sexually? A little or a lot. That’s a Red flag.

Are you afraid, to be yourself? Are you afraid to bring up difficult or hard subjects? That’s a Red flag.

Is someone making you feel guilty or pressuring you against your morals? That’s a Red flag.

A person that’s emotional unavailable. That’s a Red flag.

A person that say hurtful things or criticize you in a joking way. That’s a Red flag.

When you start to feel like you are changing for the worst because of someone else. That’s a Red flag.

You are not feeling at peace, joy or happiness in the relationship. That’s a Red flag.

When you feel used. The person act like they wasn’t interested in you, then it’s a sudden change. Now they like you. That’s a Red flag.

When a person will lie for nothing or a little white lie. You know they will lie about something big. That’s a Red flag.

Hang around bad influence. That’s a Red flag.

The person is always right or never take accountable for their actions. That’s a Red flag.

A person that talk down to others or mistreat people and people of service. That’s a Red flag.

A person that doesn’t love themself. That’s a Red flag.

Someone that doesn’t like or can’t stand to be alone. That’s a Red flag.

This is just some, it’s many more. When you come across a Pink or Red flag in your relationship or friendship address it. If the Red flag change for the better. Wonderful. If not, leave safety.

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