Let your light shine. Matthew 5:16

What is your Light? Everyone’s Light is different and the brightness too. Guess what, no matter what everyone has light to share.

My light is care, compassion, and acceptance. I believe that when I care about others. Offer compassion and acceptance helps to build trust in relationships with others.

We all have gifts as in light to touch other’s hearts to bring truth, joy, and peace.

Sometimes we come in contact with people that need help and resources for depression, anxiety, and abuse. Use your light to support, empower, and encourage them. They are worthy.

Every day look for ways to let your light shine.

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Denise, Simply Grace

My Time



By Denise M.Hardnett

Why do people want to question or tell you about your timeframe? You should heal.

How can someone that loves you, say they know you, be insensitive. Only you know the depths of your heart and pain.

To me, it’s okay to cry, share your pain, how and when you want to move on. It’s a process, not an overnight success.

I care about myself and am aware of what I need to improve my emotional and spiritual life.

Trust me, I’m healing! On my time.

Author’s Memo

Written for anyone going through a healing journey and it’s your time.

Mindful in Celebrating You

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How do you see yourself?

 Mindfulness in self esteem is being purposeful about how you feel about you. Knowing your beliefs and why you feel that way. Be aware of your actions, movements, and your surroundings by journaling and living your life. 

Don’t wait for others to validate you. Celebrate you. Celebrating you builds self esteem.

I am awesome. I am amazing. I am strong. I am smart. I am worthy. I am special. I am able. I am unique. I am always celebrating myself daily.

*Build your confidence by removing negative talk.

*Set goals.

*Journal helps you see yourself and feelings for change.

*Show resilience by trusting yourself to remove self doubt and fear.

I am awesome. I am amazing. I am strong. I am smart. I am worthy. I am special. I am able. I am unique. I am always celebrating myself daily.

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Writer’s Memo

I wrote this piece to encourage others dealing with hard times to remember that they are special and give them the strength to push through because it’s a bright light ahead. So don’t give up.

By Denise M. Hardnett

I choose

image credit Charlie Riedel

I woke up like this…

A smile to greet the world no matter what’s going on.

I choose how my day will go.

I choose how I will react to things around me.

I woke up like this…

To be positive no matter what or whoever is trying to break me.

I choose to think happy, bring joy, hope and peace that will come back to me.

I choose to be powerful and not react from a broken place no matter what happened to me in my life.

I woke up like this…

To give more of me and less things that will fade and not be remembered.

I choose to have compassion, empathy, intimacy, integrity and so much more.

I choose how I wake up!

By Denise Marie Hardnett

A teen Mom I loved you, before you were born.


I had to grow up fast it wasn’t about me. Only thinking of a better life with you.


My child you mean the world to me, this poem celebrates you.  


The day you were born Heaven opened and spoke-then there were you, an angel.


Innocent, precious and new…


As you grew to use your wings to soar.

Then there were you, my child. I would know you anywhere.


Your smile sweetly warms my heart.

Your eyes sparkle brighten my day.

Your touch gently soothes me.

Your smell invigorates emotions in my soul.

Your voice calmly gives me peace.

Was all uniquely you.


Along the way I lost my way. Please forgive me. Daddy hitting Mommy is never okay.

 It was not your fault. My child, you always deserve the best that I have.


Then there was you, the diamond in my eyes and me broken and bruised. 

Because of me, so were you experiencing my pain. No one-including you and me deserves to be treated less than the best.


It was never your fault.


I am responsible for you, my child. It’s not your fault you couldn’t save me.


 Forgiveness is for us. 


Then there were you with me. I love you, my child.

By Denise Marie Hardnett

Jewelry for Survivors

Hello Everyone, it is always a pleasure to share with you.  Check out this jewelry for a cause  – for survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, emotional and financial abuse.


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Be blessed,

Denise Hardnett

“Love Doesn’t Have To Hurt”

Helping Homeless Single Women and Children

Single Parents has it harder than two parent household.  Guess what!  Homeless single women and children have it the hardest.  We need to be blessed, to be a blessing to someone else.  Here is just one way of many.

“Legacy Shoebox Project” through United Way of Atlanta helping to change lives.  Families and companies donate shoeboxes filled with items to be given to the homeless women and children in the Atlanta communities.