Celebrate YOU

What is the last thing you learned?

Hello everyone, over the years I have been writing and sharing about my journey with self care.

Self care is about taking care of you. Everyone’s care is different. You are special and worthy, and much more. Don’t sit around waiting on your job, co workers, family, spouses, and friends to tell you, who you are or be defined only by their words about you, and your accomplishments to celebrate you.

Celebrate yourself

When you celebrate you, on your accomplishments by patting yourself on the back, praise yourself, clap your hands. Then you will always be your best self. Not being sad because someone else didn’t tell you.

Tell yourself things you have did, not lie. You are. Celebrate you.

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Self confidence is love for yourself. You are worth it.

You are worth having quality people in your life. Just like you show, how much you love through your words and actions.

The person that loves you, will do the same. If they don’t then let them go.

Once you let them go, the right person will show up.

You are worth having people that love and appreciate you.


Today, I am whole. Ladies, you can do it too. My story, my journey, and my healing to empower others.

Once you start loving you and realize that God loves you. When you know yourself and love you then you will only accept being treated with respect, loving care, and cherished.

You will be okay with being alone taking care of you emotionally, mentally, and physically.

I love reading, writing, and designing different projects.

When I interact with others I want them to see and feel the love of God.

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Hello Family and Friends, Good morning!

Become whole means feeling secure, confidence, and peace from within.

Today, I can say that I am Whole. We can overcome any thing we put our minds to, including domestic violence and emotional abuse.  It takes Determination.  I did it!  Now I am safe, having joy and peace.

Believe me it didn’t happen overnight. Healing physical scars was one thing, but healing emotional scars took a lot longer.

 I cannot promise the road to overcoming abuse will be easy or the process time will be short but with support, knowledge and determination you can do it too.  What I can promise, is that you can do it if you try. 

If it never get dealt with, then the cycle of abuse continues.  Only when the cycle of abuse is broken, ended then healing comes. 

God is the true Healer.  You are Awesome, amazing and worth it. So take control of your life.

Tips that work:

Listen-practice active listening when someone shares their story of abuse with you.

Repeat back what you think you heard them say to you without judgement.

Focus on supporting and have love for them because abuse is difficult and confusing.

Encourage them to be around positive family and friends.

Pick up a book, hobby, or class.

Remember trouble don’t last always, joy does come in the morning.

That’s empowerment. And remember to pass love. knowledge, and encouragement on to someone else.

All the best,

Grace girl, Denise M. Hardnett

“Love Doesn’t Have To Hurt”

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I choose

image credit Charlie Riedel

I woke up like this…

A smile to greet the world no matter what’s going on.

I choose how my day will go.

I choose how I will react to things around me.

I woke up like this…

To be positive no matter what or whoever is trying to break me.

I choose to think happy, bring joy, hope and peace that will come back to me.

I choose to be powerful and not react from a broken place no matter what happened to me in my life.

I woke up like this…

To give more of me and less things that will fade and not be remembered.

I choose to have compassion, empathy, intimacy, integrity and so much more.

I choose how I wake up!

By Denise Marie Hardnett

One Man & One Woman

A man is a strong king, has self-love, and is confident. Because he sees her. He will never disrespect or beat her, in turn always protect her.

He cherished his queen.

He loves her completely. 

He reserves a special word, moment, or look just for her.

Trust and friendship are so strong no one can break.

Safe to be yourself, unique and transparent.

A man understands the two twines together.

With her self-love, esteem, and heart is whole and feminine.

She falls in love with his mind, words, and how he cares for her. Smiles at him that reaches her soul that produces love and respect.

She values his strength, words, opinions, and actions.

She cares about and understands his role in her life.

She respects and appreciates his feelings.

She knows how and what to do for her king to keep him strong mentally, physically, and emotional.

No More

I just want you to know that you are unique, important, and special. It’s only one YOU. So, please don’t forget that just because I did.

Because of the pain of rejection, I allowed others to treat me a certain way, to feel love and acceptance. I learned God does love me and I believe He knows what’s best for me. No more, it’s for my good. I look at rejection as a blessing, they weren’t for me anyway. Start where you are now. Right Now!!!Become like the person you want that is best for YOU.

No More.

Value yourself, your time, and your morals no matter what others may say or think. Manage all of you, that includes your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, and your triggers for the best YOU by thinking positive.

If the person that says they love you barely calls, shows up, or follows through, then they’re not for YOU.

No More.

Let them go, let go of the pain of rejection, let go of worry, or whatever wastes your time, money, or energy.

YOU decide how long you sit in your pain.

No More.

Once you make up your mind to say No More, the pain has no more power over YOU.

You don’t need anyone to say I’m sorry for you to heal, grow, or change.

YOU free yourself to live in your greatness. Let the right people, places, and things in your life.

Allow yourself to be worthy, happy and peaceful.

By Denise M. Hardnett