Red flags Don’ts in a friendship or relationship that should to be addressed. Sometimes it can be a Pink flag. You be the judge.

Are you getting abused mentally, physically, emotionally, or sexually? A little or a lot. That’s a Red flag.

Are you afraid, to be yourself? Are you afraid to bring up difficult or hard subjects? That’s a Red flag.

Is someone making you feel guilty or pressuring you against your morals? That’s a Red flag.

A person that’s emotional unavailable. That’s a Red flag.

A person that say hurtful things or criticize you in a joking way. That’s a Red flag.

When you start to feel like you are changing for the worst because of someone else. That’s a Red flag.

You are not feeling at peace, joy or happiness in the relationship. That’s a Red flag.

When you feel used. The person act like they wasn’t interested in you, then it’s a sudden change. Now they like you. That’s a Red flag.

When a person will lie for nothing or a little white lie. You know they will lie about something big. That’s a Red flag.

Hang around bad influence. That’s a Red flag.

The person is always right or never take accountable for their actions. That’s a Red flag.

A person that talk down to others or mistreat people and people of service. That’s a Red flag.

A person that doesn’t love themself. That’s a Red flag.

Someone that doesn’t like or can’t stand to be alone. That’s a Red flag.

This is just some, it’s many more. When you come across a Pink or Red flag in your relationship or friendship address it. If the Red flag change for the better. Wonderful. If not, leave safety.

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Let your light shine. Matthew 5:16

What is your Light? Everyone’s Light is different and the brightness too. Guess what, no matter what everyone has light to share.

My light is care, compassion, and acceptance. I believe that when I care about others. Offer compassion and acceptance helps to build trust in relationships with others.

We all have gifts as in light to touch other’s hearts to bring truth, joy, and peace.

Sometimes we come in contact with people that need help and resources for depression, anxiety, and abuse. Use your light to support, empower, and encourage them. They are worthy.

Every day look for ways to let your light shine.

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Denise, Simply Grace


What’s the most fun way to exercise?

My most favorite way to exercise is exercising with my sisters.

While we are walking, we are sharing wisdom and problem solving. Which reduces stress.

Less stress cause long life, happy life and less illness.

Enjoy your exercise routine. When you exercise you live your best life.


Denise, Simply Grace

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You can’t heal another person. You can only put in the work to heal yourself.

Yes, I understand you care and love this person.

And it’s important to know that you can only offer love, compassion, and support. Each person has to put the work in for healing themselves.

If you think you can, it will only pull you down and cause brokenness in you.

Healing Steps:

Realize and walk in the problem. Accept it and decide the best way for you to deal with it.

If you are angry or sad-wake up with gratitude. Remember or write down good things you have done and ways you were blessed.

Think positive thoughts and prayers. Also say affirmative actions to your self. Be honest with others and show appreciation.

Read, exercise or do a craft. It’s so many things you can do. Pick one and start.

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Denise, Simply Grace


What makes you laugh?

I love laughing and laughter. I do it everyday. Laughing makes me feel good. How about you, does laughter works for you?

I watch a funny movie or/and a comedy show. I be laughing so hard.

Because I smile or laugh I am hardly ever in a bad mood. Try it for yourself and write and tell me about your experience.

Enjoy and I’m sure you have plenty of good news to share.

My Time



By Denise M.Hardnett

Why do people want to question or tell you about your timeframe? You should heal.

How can someone that loves you, say they know you, be insensitive. Only you know the depths of your heart and pain.

To me, it’s okay to cry, share your pain, how and when you want to move on. It’s a process, not an overnight success.

I care about myself and am aware of what I need to improve my emotional and spiritual life.

Trust me, I’m healing! On my time.

Author’s Memo

Written for anyone going through a healing journey and it’s your time.

Mindful in Celebrating You

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How do you see yourself?

 Mindfulness in self esteem is being purposeful about how you feel about you. Knowing your beliefs and why you feel that way. Be aware of your actions, movements, and your surroundings by journaling and living your life. 

Don’t wait for others to validate you. Celebrate you. Celebrating you builds self esteem.

I am awesome. I am amazing. I am strong. I am smart. I am worthy. I am special. I am able. I am unique. I am always celebrating myself daily.

*Build your confidence by removing negative talk.

*Set goals.

*Journal helps you see yourself and feelings for change.

*Show resilience by trusting yourself to remove self doubt and fear.

I am awesome. I am amazing. I am strong. I am smart. I am worthy. I am special. I am able. I am unique. I am always celebrating myself daily.

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Writer’s Memo

I wrote this piece to encourage others dealing with hard times to remember that they are special and give them the strength to push through because it’s a bright light ahead. So don’t give up.

By Denise M. Hardnett

Celebrate YOU

What is the last thing you learned?

Hello everyone, over the years I have been writing and sharing about my journey with self care.

Self care is about taking care of you. Everyone’s care is different. You are special and worthy, and much more. Don’t sit around waiting on your job, co workers, family, spouses, and friends to tell you, who you are or be defined only by their words about you, and your accomplishments to celebrate you.

Celebrate yourself

When you celebrate you, on your accomplishments by patting yourself on the back, praise yourself, clap your hands. Then you will always be your best self. Not being sad because someone else didn’t tell you.

Tell yourself things you have did, not lie. You are. Celebrate you.

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Thank you, come again.


Self confidence is love for yourself. You are worth it.

You are worth having quality people in your life. Just like you show, how much you love through your words and actions.

The person that loves you, will do the same. If they don’t then let them go.

Once you let them go, the right person will show up.

You are worth having people that love and appreciate you.