“Ms. Hardnett’s story is one of triumph over inner and outer demons. Her abiding faith and her refusal to be defined by others’ negative opinions allow her to move from sorrow and helplessness to joy and self-determination. Her story is a roadmap for others who find themselves in circumstances that threaten their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.” -William Greer, LCSW, LPCCEO Emeritus, Journey Mental Health Center, Inc

You are in control of your destiny. Choose, not to let your current situation, stop you from doing what’s best for you, like self care, knowing you are worthy, and focus on where you want to go in life or be. You can achieve what you can see. So, cut out pictures of your goals, dreams, and destiny. Always believe in yourself!

Yes, it will get tough, or hard. But, never give up. We all can believe and learn how to do something that’s hard or tough. Think about ways to achieve by finding a way, even if you ask for help. I am a problem solver.

Asking for help is okay. That’s even a smart thing to do. I am smart!

I am confident.

My appearance is important, but my self-worth and abilities is even greater. I love me.

This special book for teens is designs for you. It’s a book to encourage, empower, forgiveness, and healing overcoming to experience of domestic violence and abuse. With a journal, workbook, and activities for you to write and share.

Here’s the link writersrepublic.com/bookshop

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