Hey Family and friends,

Take time to love yourself. Get to know who you are.

Your likes and dislikes.

Your dreams and goals by journaling. Write daily and look for patterns.

Look in your mirror and say,”I love you.”

I also love fresh flowers, candles, pictures, and writing.

*Loving yourself is the first step. I smile all the time. Be confident that you are special and unique no matter what.You can do it! Try Daily Affirmation that say I accept me, be positive, grateful, and encouraging.

*I make sugar scrubs, candles, and jewelry that I use somethings to give back to others.

*Get enough sleep, rest, and daily devotions. That includes walking outside, nature, stretching, and yoga. Balance with plenty of water and healthy foods.

*Manage your stress by facing it. Focus on forgiveness and kindness.

*Set boundaries and communicate. Ask for help when you need it.

*Spend quality time with God, reading, and journal. Enjoy your family, friends, and hobbies.

*Spend time alone to renew your mind, body, and soul. Make changes for the better.

*Create an organized and healthy lifestyle.

*Money management.

*Never stop learning.

*Create a positive work space.

Please remember to love and peace. Feel free to comment and share.

Denise, a Grace girl for life!

PS. Don’t forget to take a bubble bath.

Soon to be published books for prevention or support of domestic violence and abuse.

I Love ME children book with a journal.

I Love ME from Pieces Made Whole teen book with journal and workbook

Please check it out, and thanks for visiting, reading, and leave a comment.



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