Hi Family,

The tongue is very powerful that’s why we must think before we speak.  Most importantly, we must also think before we react.  In God’s word we must speak things as though they were.  Ours Words are powerful.  People lose their friends, family, relationships are broken, jobs loss all over words.  Please be careful what you say and do.

If you are thinking wrong, your actions will be wrong.  If you’re thinking correct, your actions will be correct.  Correct thinking line up with the Word of God.

If we want things to change in our life, we must act like it and believe in it.  The change will come, just be patience and have faith.

I challenge you to believe and let the Lord work in your life.  Keep a diary, write down the things that you pray about and ask God for.  Keep a diary, have faith and watch God work.

Please read this article, you will not be disappointed.

This is a powerful article “Your Thoughts Determine Your Life.”

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