Hi everyone,

How are you?  I am great. Let’s share about our emotions.  Emotions are powerful or intense feelings.  Emotions are what we feel before, during or after something. It  is so important not to act or do something based on our emotions.

Emotions are powerful or intense feelings which change.  For example, You  and a long time friend disagree.   Based on your emotions,  you too stop talking.  If you act on what you know based on your relationship with God.  How would God want you to react, regarding your friend?  Rather than emotions, the friendship will last forever and you will get through it with God.  I pray you understand what I am saying.  Emotions change too often.  Please base things on what you know.  The only true way to know based things in your life on the Word of God.  I read this article about having Radical Faith and you really need to have Radical faith to deal with life, family and friends and not life on Emotions.

Next blog we will talk about “Show Me,”  If you want your children to be responsible, show them how to be responsible.

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