Hi Everybody,

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I will be Interviewing Lolita on making sacrifices.

Me:  Interview question 1.  Lolita, what career sacrifices are you making?

Lolita:  Answer:  The sacrifice I am making now,  is moving from one location to another.

Me: Interview question 2. What way are you affected by moving?

Lolita: Answer: The new job position is helping me achieve one of my career goals.

Me:  Interview question 3.  What other changes or sacrifice will you have to make?

Lolita: Answer:  A decrease in pay

Me:  Interview question 4:  Are there any benefits?

Lolita: Answer:  Its Government job, keep all existing benefits, advancement, warmer weather, closer to my daughter, grand baby and her husband.

Well,  Lolita, sounds like the benefits of the moving is greater than your pay decrease.  Looks like win-win situation.  We have to make sacrifices in life, we just have to choose the right decision at the right time.

I am so happy for you and trust.  If you keep a positive attitude, everything will be fine.  Remember, pray and keep God first in your life.  God will show you the right way to go.   Think about it.  If you find yourself in a situation,  that you have to  sacrifices, think about it before you decide.Think positive and everything will work out.

Thank you Lolita for allowing me to interview for my blog.  It was fun and I appreciate you.  It will help a lot of people when they have to make decisions about making sacrifices.

Thank you for visiting my blog and please come again.

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