We all have choices to make in life.   Whether good or bad it will affect your life.  Your life is so valuable and would be a shame to wait.  What do you  want to leave your children, friends and family?  What is your Legacy?  What choices in life will you make?

Approve the things that are excellent, that you may be sincere and without offense.  Philippians 1:10

We must make choices of love, encouragement, empowerment,  and integrity.

When you have children integrity is very important.  Children lead my example.  If  our children see  or hear us lying, cussing, using bad language and stealing.  That is what children will follow, not you telling them to not do as you  do, but what you say.

Please leave your children a Legacy to be proud.  I know it is your choice to choose excellent, good or bad situations for your life.  Remember God is watching and so are others in your life.

The choices you make in life will affect you.  Everything you do in life, is the  total of all the  choices you have made.  If you make bad choices you will get a negative response.  If you make good choices you will get a good response.  If you make excellent choices you will get an excellent response.    We all have choices to make, so choose wisely.

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Please read the article by Sheila Cohill.  This article contain some good points and you will not be disappointed.

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