Hi All,

It’s so important to build lasting relationships with family, friends, co-workers and businesses.

Trust, honor, sharing life lessons, things in common is all components for building lasting relationships.

With times being hard for everyone because of divorce, single parents, job loss, economy and so many other things we need to come together.

Coming together to help each other during fun times and hard times.

Things to try:

  • If you share birthday or having a party in the same month, share the expenses by having joined party.
  • You can also sharing the clean up by sharing the cleaning supplies and carpet cleaning machine.
  • Carpool or take public transportation
  • Babysit for them and they will babysit for you.
  • If you have gift cards that you’re not using, trade them, sale them or give them away.
Just a few things to try…when it comes to businesses and co-workers always give a two-weeks notice when you are leaving.  Never leave the company high and dry.
We all have skills, for example.  If you sew and someone else does web design.  You can offer your sewing skills or their web design skills.
While we are helping each other make life better, were building lasting relationships.
Did you get something out of this post?  Please share your thoughts and ideas.  Please come again, next week we will be talking about LOVE

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