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  • Flags

    Red flags Don’ts in a friendship or relationship that should to be addressed. Sometimes it can be a Pink flag. You be the judge. Are you getting abused mentally, physically, emotionally, or sexually? A little or a lot. That’s a Red flag. Are you afraid, to be yourself? Are you afraid to bring up difficult…

  • Let your light shine. Matthew 5:16

    What is your Light? Everyone’s Light is different and the brightness too. Guess what, no matter what everyone has light to share. My light is care, compassion, and acceptance. I believe that when I care about others. Offer compassion and acceptance helps to build trust in relationships with others. We all have gifts as in…

  • Exercising

    What’s the most fun way to exercise? My most favorite way to exercise is exercising with my sisters. While we are walking, we are sharing wisdom and problem solving. Which reduces stress. Less stress cause long life, happy life and less illness. Enjoy your exercise routine. When you exercise you live your best life. Best,…

The Host

Denise Marie Hardnett is a writers and activists.

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